Employee Relations

Based on the proven principles founded in Steven R. Covey’s best
selling business book, this programme helps your company achieve outstandingly superior results by focusing on making individuals and leaders more effective.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature programme breaks down barriers to success while laying a foundation of effectiveness for individuals, employees and leaders.

Our professional Franklin Covey trained facilitators will be able to deliver this programme within your Organisation to all levels of your team focusing on making individuals and Leaders more effective. The 7 habits of Highly Effective People signature programme breaks down barriers to success while laying a foundation of effectiveness for individuals, employees and Leaders.

You can build an effective organisation as you roll out this three day programme top to bottom in your organisation.

The process involves a 360 degree appraisal prior to attendance on the workshop, this tool measures individual effectiveness and provides an action-oriented approach to personal development. Individuals will seek 360 degree feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, indicating top strengths as well as areas for improvement.

The Learning principles taught in this three day workshop transform participants with profound lessons in personal change.

After the three day workshop, participants are equipped to complete a seven week contract to help develop and practice building the habits of effectiveness.

Each delegate will receive a suite of materials including a workbook and time management system designed to help them with their learning both on the workshop ,and when they return to their workplace.

There is also a one day optional additional Maximiser workshop which can be taken six to twelve months after the signature programme.

The 360 degree appraisal is also available for reassessment six to twelve months after the workshop to review the individuals progress.

Franklin Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective
People Signature Programme outcomes:
  Individuals learn how to take initiative
  Individuals develop a mission, vision and values
within their organisation
  Individuals learn how to balance key priorities  
  Individuals improve interpersonal communication
  Individuals learn how to leverage creative collaboration
  Individuals apply principles for achieving a balanced life

Programme outline
Performance statements
Participants will be able to
Habit 1
Be Proactive
Take initiative
Manage change
Take responsibility and have accountability
Habit 2
Begin with the
end in mind
Define Vision and Values
Set measurable team and personal goals
Align goals to priorities
Focus on desired outcomes
Habit 3
Put first things first
Execute strategy
Focus on important activities
Apply effective planning and
Prioritisation skills
Use planning tools effectively
Habit 4
Think win win
Build high trust relationships
Build effective teams
Apply successful negotiation skills
Use effective collaboration
Habit 5
Seek first to understand
and then be understood
Apply effective interpersonal communication
Overcome communication pitfalls
Understand others

Communicate view points effectively
Habit 6
Leverage diversity
Apply effective problem solving
Apply collaborative
decision making
Value differences
Build on divergent strengths
Habit 7
Sharpen the saw
Achieve life balance
Apply continuous improvement
See continuous learning

Employee Relations

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