Our experienced associates in career transition can provide services to all areas of the public sector as well as the private sector. Our ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ approach allows us to be flexible to the needs of your organisation.

We enable individuals to develop a greater understanding of their capabilities, potential, skills and limitations, so they can more easily pursue career opportunities which may be open to them. 
The key to successful career transition/outplacement is treating employees with respect and dignity.  We often provide career transition when individuals are feeling at their most vulnerable and so it is essential that advice and coaching is delivered with the highest degree of sensitivity and professional integrity.

We provide a range of options so that each client can choose the outplacement package that suits their requirements best.

Career Transition Workshop

This one day workshop is designed to help employees manage their way through the redundancy process more effectively, whilst increasing their understanding of the emotional impact it can create for themselves and those around them.

It includes self recognition and analysis of the positive skills they have to offer, even if those skills haven’t been utilised in their existing job role.

The workshop will also assist them in successful self marketing including:

  • how to create a professional CV and enter the market place effectively  
  • how to develop an effective marketing strategy
  • preparing and planning for interviews

One to one coaching

These sessions focus specifically on the individual’s needs and usually last one hour, but the amount of time taken over one to one coaching can be entirely flexible. This option is available in isolation or in conjunction with the workshop outlined above.

Managing change and delivering the message

This one day course is designed to enable managers to increase their effectiveness in leading their organisation through change by:

  • Enabling them to put the necessity of change into their own business context
  • Establishing  a deeper understanding of the role of leadership
  • Describing the emotional journey typically associated with change
  • Schooling them in the development of  strategies and good practice that they can adopt themselves  to manage their own reactions to the process
  • Using what they have learnt to successfully lead others through the change.

Self employment workshop

This one day workshop is designed to help employees discover whether they are suitable candidates to go it alone.

The workshop also covers the basics of how to run a business and, through self assessment, what business model will suit them best – consultancy, contracting, interim management or a full scale business with employer responsibilities.

Planning for retirement workshop :
Not everyone who goes through the redundancy process will need or want to become re-employed, so this one day workshop is designed to look at the retirement option.

  • Reflecting on their own values, drivers, interests, personal goals, skills, personal qualities and key strengths, employees will make discoveries about themselves through self assessment
  • By identifying the key activities that make up the components of their new life style plan they can focus on financial and legal issues, their own health, their relationships and how all of these things may impact on retirement
  • Discover the resources available to help them through the transition to retirement