Interim HR Management


Interim HR Management or Temporary HR Manager / Director

Whether your Human Resource arrangements are outsourced or provided in – house interim management can be an effective way of handling your short term needs at a particular moment in time.

An interim HR manager can be used at a time of crisis to turn round a failing service or business. They may offer expertise to a challenged management team. This could mean bringing sound management experience or wise counsel to an organisation that has lost its way as well as the ability to tackle issues such as grievances, poorly managed commercial relationships, or problems with internal relationships.
An interim manager may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. Start-ups, new business development, mergers/acquisitions or restructuring within a company are all productive areas for a skilled interim HR manager.

Equally a temporary HR manager or HR director can give a company or organisation some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent employee or a period of temporary absence of an existing employee.
Hiring someone who has done it all before makes perfect sense, but it is unlikely you will need them forever. In our opinion the most effective use of interim management is when it is deployed in a focused and controlled way with outcomes and timescales clearly defined and managed.

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